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My Last Days of Freedom.


I hope that everyone has had a relaxing summer. As you know, school is starting back up and it’s time to start hustling again. Are you ready?

Here is a little life update about what I have been up to in the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

IMG_0913 2.JPG

As of the last couple weeks, I have been on a health kick. I have been trying to be more active by either walking or completing some Youtube workout videos. My goal is to not lose weight but to be more toned and fit overall. I have been using the Hasfit App to help get me into the routine and it is working out so far. Right now I am on the 1st week of the 30 Day Low Impact Beginners Workout Plan. I am already feeling the burn!


As you already know, I do consider myself a foodie. I love trying new foods in the city and I love taking pictures before I chow down.

Here is when my boyfriend introduced me to Caketini’s Fruit Tarts. It has the smoothest cream filling and the strawberries\blueberries combination adds to the sugary goodness. Totally recommend!

IMG_0908 2.JPG

As for burger lovers, I have discovered a gem. My friend/coworker, Mohamed, recommended a burger joint in North Scottsdale called the Habit Burger Grill. Pictured below is the Char Burger along with french fries. This was my #treatyoself day and man, was it a treat! It is with no question that I will be returning and next time, I’m going to try their grilled chicken burger and sweet potato fries. Mmmm!

IMG_0923 2.JPG

As for games, I have been playing Animal Crossing and SimCity on my new DS. I have already completed the main quest line for Happy Home Designer in only a few days because I was obsessed. I loved that I could build a bigger and better town with just my creative interior design skills alone.


As for school life, I bought a new planner. It is the only way I can be organized and not miss any deadlines or due dates. I will usually write out all my classes topics along with homework/reading assignments for the entire semester. It is quite the process but it is guaranteed for success.

IMG_0942.JPG IMG_0944.JPG

I got this Planner from a PaperSource store at Scottsdale Quarter. I was told the monochromatic cover was only available through PaperSource. I think has the  best overall layout with a weekly and monthly view as well as inspiring quotes and artwork. I usually get a lot of complements from other planner-obsessed students.


I am super excited to head back this fall semester. I will get to learn new things, see my friends, and be one step closer to doing what I love.

I would like to end this blog post with a quote that I found on Pinterest. Just something to think about before we hit the ground running.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” – Plato

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