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So Many Books, So Little Time.

Happy first couple of days of summer!

I hope the weather is treating you well. In Phoenix, we are all dying. It is currently 103 and its noon.

To stay out of the heat, I have been doing some reading.


Pinterest has inspired me to start reading again. Most of the titles I’ve checked out from the library were all pretty popular on Pinterest and Tumblr. I started with Dreamology by Keating and now I can’t seem to put it down. (Update: I have finished it and am so glad I read it)


There is something special and exciting about reading an actual physical book.

IMG_0804 2.JPG


Lastly, I have been trying out my library’s eBook app. Since the weather has me barricaded inside my house, I am able to download books easily. (Plus I am pretty lazy.) As you can see, I have already started a wishlist.

So tell me, what is on your summer reading list?

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