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Meet My Pets

Cuddling pets is the ultimate medicine.


This is Deuces. Sometimes we like to call her Doodle, Deucy, or Dr. Deuce. She is 11 years old and a poodle. We found her wondering the streets of Gallup, New Mexico. After walking up to our car and wanting to get in, we picked her up and drove her to Phoenix. She is in a lot better shape now then when we first found her. Her favorite thing to eat is french fries from McDonalds.


This happy face is Gunter. We named her after Adventure Time’s Gunter the penguin. She was also found on the streets not too far from my house.  She is the sweetest dog and loves belly rubs. Gunter and Deuces are now best friends.


Pictured here is Cesaré. He is an orange tabby cat who is super chatty. We adopted him through a friend at work. All we know of his past is that he was once a kitten who use to live in a house full of guys. He never likes to clean himself and always wants to go outside to see the stray cats.

I am also a bird lover. Starting from the top left is Bubbles, Blue, Mango, and Peaches. The last couple weeks has been difficult. Blue and Mango have recently passed away, Blue from old age and Mango from an egg binding incident. They will be greatly missed.


Here is my mom’s hamster, Trident. She is a feisty little fluff ball. She enjoys eating broccoli and running on her wheel. We have had her for almost a year and she still tries to bite me. Progress has been made: I have been able to lightly brush her back while she’s being distracted by food.


And finally, this is Dovahkiin, the koi betta fish. Recently, we have tried to place him in a community tank but noticed that he likes to pick on smaller fish. He is now in his own tank where he can swim to his heart’s content.

Are you an animal lover like I am?  Tell me about your pets in the comments below 🙂


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